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About Open Door

"I wanted to thank everyone who works at Open Door and donates their time to other people. We appreciate it so much and are very thankful. The idea of (Open Door), the place itself and the people in it, are wonderful. There are no words to describe it. I came from a place where I felt that I didn't have anyone to speak to or turn to about these topics and I left with information and a feeling of contentment. I feel happy with who I am. (18 year-old writes on our Open Door website).

That's why Open Door does what it does. When a teenager comes to us for advice we make every effort to provide them with information and a feeling of security and confidence in the challenges of adolescence.

Although the term "Family Planning” brings to mind a focus on reproduction, that's really just the beginning. At Open Door, we believe that a person's sexuality and quality of life are strongly intertwined with one's personal and social development at large. For this reason, we believe that comprehensive family planning must also incorporate education about sexuality, intimacy, empowerment and social behaviors on the individual and community level. Because we believe that sexual identity cannot be separated from the rest of one's social identity, we put an emphasis on cultural sensitivity and intersectionality in our trainings, workshops and counseling services. Our goal is to affect some of the most structural issues in the way we speak, think, communicate, and teach others about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Each year, our efforts reach thousands of individuals in Israel. This is thanks in large part to the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, many of whom are leading professionals from various disciplines across Israel and the world.


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