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  •  Executive Director

    Sharon Cherkasky

    Sharon is an experienced and qualified professional in the field of assisting disadvantaged populations in Israel. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Political Studies and Sociology in 1998, and from Ben Gurion University with an MA in Public Policy and Administration in 2002, where she participated in a unique program designed for outstanding public employees. Since 2015 Sharon has been working as the Executive Director at Open Door, where she manages and leads the nonprofit to advance adolescents' and women's rights in Israel. Prior to working at Open Door, Sharon worked at WIZO as the Government Relations Manager promoting legislation and policies concerning gender and women's rights.

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    Executive Assistant 

    Yali Lewin



    Throughout her life Yali has moved between different countries and cultures. In her military service she served as a psycho-technical diagnostician in the recruitment office in Tiberias. There, she was exposed to diverse populations in Israeli society and learned conversational tools which enabled deep emotional understanding of populations ages 16-21. Additionally, Yali was an instructor, certifying other soldiers to be diagnosticians and conducting quality assurance of soldiers in this role. Prior to her military service, she took part in leading programs in the Israeli Scouts Movement. Yali led a program working to integrate and educate children on the autistic spectrum. In 2018, she studied at a preparatory program for design. Yali began working at Open Door in 2018.

  • Director of Community Education and Training

    Sefi Cohen

    Sefi is experienced in educational programming for at-risk youth and women in Israel, and in particular for marginalized populations in the periphery. Sefi has held her position as the Director of Community Education and Training at Open Door since 2005, where she manages workshops and trainings across the country, including Open Door's widely recognized program for specially enlisted female soldiers. Prior to working at Open Door, Sefi worked at the Regional Council for Gilboa and Beit Shean Valley as well as a youth researcher, spokeswoman and educator for the Israeli Police Department.



  • Director of Counseling Center Network

    Sivan Giladi

    Sivan holds a Master's of Social Work with a specialty in sexual trauma treatment. She is a facilitator of workshops for healthy sexuality, and prevention of sexual violence. In the past she worked with at-risk teenagers and families in a variety of professional positions including: as a social worker in a post-psychiatric hospitalization boarding school, as a professional coordinator in a therapeutic boarding school for Ultra-Orthodox girls, and as a professional consultant, providing guidance of the management and therapeutic staff in a boarding school. In addition, she instructed students in the Tel Aviv University School of Social Work. Sivan also is the mother of three beautiful children.    

  • Resource Development Coordinator

    Jenny Levy

    Jenny holds a bachelor's degree in International Studies from the University of Illinois and an MA in political science with a focus on public policy in the MENA region. She joined Open Door in 2017 as the Resource Development Coordinator. Jenny is passionate about working to improve the lives of marginalized populations, with a specific focus on women's rights. Prior to her work at Open Door, Jenny worked as a grant and resource development manager at the Jaffa Institute, which provides after-school educational and therapeutic support for at-risk youth in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv.  At the Jaffa Institute Jenny also served as a yoga teacher in the after-school program. Additionally, Jenny is active in the asylum seeker community, where she has assisted in opening an educational nonprofit called BATI.  

  • Open Door Tel Aviv and Holon Coordinator

    Nitzan Hacohen

    Nitzan has a BA in Social Work and is currently pursuing her MSW with a focus in clinical child and youth psychology. Prior to joining Open Door, Nitzan worked within various frameworks to assist at-risk youth. Nitzan held positions as a program coordinator for an after-school center for at-risk girls in Beer Sheva as well as a social worker in a home for children who were removed from their homes. Additionally, Nitzan is a graduate of Open Door's 252 hour group facilitation course. She has been working at Open Door since 2017 as the coordinator of the Tel Aviv and Holon counseling centers. Nitzan also teaches workshops on healthy sexuality in adolescence for teenagers, young adults and professionals.

  • Open Door Haifa Coordinator

    Or Ram

    Or holds a BA in Social Work and works at Open Door managing volunteers, leading workshops, and providing counseling, support and guidance for youth on healthy sexuality. Or has extensive experience in identifying community needs and creating solutions that are culturally sensitive. In 2018 she was elected to be part of the national social worker's union. Additionally, Or was chosen as a young leader in the international program, Women Deliver 2019 in the field of healthy sexuality, the rights of girls and women and social change, and will participate in the International Conference in Vancouver in May 2019.


  • Open Door Beer Sheva Coordinator

    Sivan Lotan

    Sivan is a professional social worker with a focus in topics including love, relationships and sexuality of adolescents. She has been working as the program manager of Open Door Beer Sheva since 2016. She holds a bachelor's degree in social work and is currently pursuing her MSW at Ben Gurion University. Previous to working at Open Door as an employee, Sivan volunteered at one of our counselling centers for six years, answering questions from adolescents on sexuality and relationships through phone, online, and in-person meetings. Moreover, she served as a board member for Open Door and a was a representative of the Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe (YSAFE) movement, representing Open Door internationally.


  • Course and Workshop Coordinator 

    Adi Buchman

    Adi holds a BA in Sociology, Anthropology, and Gender Studies. She began working at Open Door in 2017 and before joining the organization she served as a management officer at Zap Group. In the past, she managed the production of the "Mitchatnim" catalog for 10 years. Adi is the mother of two lovely girls. Today, she works as the Course and Community Workshop Coordinator, and is responsible for the ongoing operation of the educational programs. Adi is pleased to be a part of Open Door's activities and to streamline the work processes in the training and community education department.



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  • Shahar Shahar 



  • An informational specialist by profession, Elliot collects professional material for all departments of the organization. Elliot has been working at Open Door since 1994.

    Eliot Lazerwitz

    Information Coordinator

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