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Advancing Policy and Legislation

National Council for Women 's Health

Open Door is a member of the National Council for Women's Health. The National Council advises the Ministry of Health on the health of girls and women in Israel.

National Health Coverage Committee

Each year, Open Door presents a proposal to the national health coverage committee demanding that all contraceptives be included in the list of nationally subsidized medications and treatments. In the past our advocacy led to subsidized coverage of abortions for girls up to the age of 19. 


Decreased the age of informed consent for receiving sexual health services to 14

Open Door has worked to reduce the age of individual access to sexual health services to 14, so that teenage boys and girls can receive health services without the presence of their parents. This change allows teenagers greater access to healthcare and the ability to speak openly with their healthcare professionals.

Participation in Knesset Committees

Open Door participates in discussions on committees for the advancement of the status of women, including the Health and Welfare Committee, the Children's Rights Committee, and more.

Position Papers

Over the years, Open Door submitted position papers to committees in the Knesset:

  1. Position paper on the admission of a clergyman to committees for termination of pregnancy

  2. Position paper on changing the age for purchasing emergency contraception to 14.

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