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Professional Training

General Training Program

Open Door is the leading organization in Israel for training professionals in sexual health education. Our unique program has been operating for over a decade. In our training, professionals undergo a 252 hour course in sexual health and facilitation. This multidisciplinary program can be completed in modular format or over the course of a two-year period. With the guidance of qualified professionals, the program is divided into two divisions: theoretical and practical. Open Door’s training programs boost both economic and personal empowerment, helping to create jobs in sexual education and increasing knowledge of sexual and reproductive health throughout Israel.


Training for Students at Tel Hai

This training program offers students at Tel Hai College a comprehensive certification program to become sexual health educators. The program empowers individuals from the periphery both personally to understand and express their own sexuality as well as professionally to gain educational and informational tools to work in the field of sexual health education. Once they complete their training, our participants will work as sexual health counselors in the country’s peripheral regions, utilizing their personal ties to the community to better connect to the younger population and empower them to lead healthy sexual lives.

Director of Training and Community Programming

Sefi Cohen


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