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Community Education Workshops

Open Door believes that all children, adolescents and young adults have the right to sexual health education. Using the holistic approach of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), Open Door provides young people with reliable, accurate, and age-appropriate information. Our educational programs place great emphasis on developing adolescents' life skills, such as communication, negotiation, and decision-making. This skill-building works in tandem with related topics, like taking responsibility for one's actions, asking questions and requesting help, respecting one's self and others, improving self-esteem and body-image, adopting a non-judgmental approach, and developing empathy, and values. These programs promote better health, safer sex and personal welfare of adolescents and young adults. Each year over 10,000 individuals participate in Open Door educational programs, including children, adolescents, female soldiers, educational staff, and parents.


Open Door is certified by the Ministry of Education and is included as an official resource in national educational curriculums. Additionally, Open Door works in close partnership with the Ministry of Education's psychology services in the sexuality and sexual abuse unit as well as with the Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Absorption, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Security and Ministry of Internal Security.

For further information you can contact Sefi Cohen, Director of Training and Community Education at 03-7714330 or

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